About Us

Febo Health App | Photo of Couple using App on Their Phone

Chronic condition patients depend on third party resources to gather information about their conditions. Rather than relying on their next doctor's appointment, patients want necessary tools to help manage their conditions from home, and feel empowered during the process.

Introducing Febo Health. Febo is a Health ToolBox used globally by chronic condition patients to help make life a little bit easier. Febo Health is the first mobile application to offer several condition management tools as well as the most current news and findings surrounding a patient's condition(s).

What is a Health Toolbox? In short, it is what patients didn't know they needed. Think of Febo's Health Toolbox as a central repertoire that contains reliable condition management tools, all in one app. Patients have the ability to track symptoms and daily activities through our Pill Reminder, Sleep Log, Activity Log, Food Diary, Pee & Poo Diary, and Trigger Diary. Patients can also integrate their favorite wearable devices to track vitals and health data.

As if all of that wasn't enough, Febo provides patients with accurate news for tracked conditions. Users choose from 1000+ conditions and our patent-pending medical news algorithm will feature the latest advancements, treatments, and drug approvals surrounding a particular condition.

Our Team




With more than 10 years of experience in the medical world, particularly in clinical research, Nicholas has worked for major players in the healthcare world. His vision of healthcare is one where the patient is empowered and informed, in order to improve the healthcare industry.




Andrea has mainly worked in data analytics, insights and marketing on the customer and agency side. She has experience working in large multinational corporations. Andrea has an undergraduate degree from Penn State and an MBA from Georgetown University.



Marketing Specialist

Beatriz's experience and training is focused on marketing and branding in the field of medical research and health. She has developed marketing strategies and digital campaigns for several brands. She is one of the founding team members and creator of the Febo logo and brand.



Lead Scientist

Song is a neuroscientist with expertise in social behavior and decision-making. She has a PhD from UCLA and has carried out research at Duke University and the University of Pennsylvania. Song has a sibling with autism, whose life experience informs her work and forms her interest in helping people navigate the complexities of living with challenges.



Senior Developer

John is a full-stack developer with experience in various frameworks, focusing on iOS products. His unique problem-solving perspective and critical thinking have been crucial to Febo's scaled growth. he has worked planning and managing software development projects for several well-known brands.



UI/UX Designer

Peter has an audiovisual formation and has worked on several fields involving multimedia and product design. He has worked with digital platforms, TV Channels, creative agencies, and NGOs. His latest professional training includes certifications from Calarts and the University of Michigan.