Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Febo. Here you will find questions about Febo and its different features.

Febo is a mobile platform that keeps you updated on the newest technologies and developments of the medical industry. Febo aims to empower all patients by creating a news healthcare platform that includes medical advances, findings, clinical research information, and more.

Febo’s mission is to empower patients via a digital platform and give them the necessary resources to be in control of their condition.

Febo will give you the necessary tools to manage your condition through: relevant medical news, latest advancements, wearables integration, pill reminders and clinical trial matching.

  1. Download the app
  2. Create a user
  3. Follow your interests
  4. Start empowering your medical journey

Febo is free. You can download the mobile app in the App Store and Google Play. You can also access it online, free of cost, at

Here at Febo, we really care about protecting your privacy. When you sign up for an account, we only ask for your email, no other details are needed. Once you create your account, your username is unique to you and it is seen as your nickname. Data that is shared to our server is always encrypted and never shared.

Febo is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. It is also available online at


You will find different categories in the newsfeed:

  • Articles: medical news from scientific sources.
  • Research advancements: latest research on a condition.
  • Social Media: This section will give you highlights from key opinion leader accounts in your interest.
  • Clinical Trials: These are the clinical research studies that are being done.
  • Videos: filtered videos on your medical condition of interest.
  • Scientific News: This section will offer headlines from scientific journals and publications.
  • General news: You will find medical news from scientific sources.
  • Febo Talks: Posts from KOLS and influencers on your condition.

To edit the sections of the feed, tap on the filter button and choose the sections you would like to see on your feed.

On the app, go to My Profile>Edit Profile>Categories to add or remove interests. On the website, interests can be edited directly on the feed.

Open up the article you want to save for later and click on the heart icon ❤.

You will find all your saved news in the Saved Posts section of the bar menu.

On the newsfeed page there is an icon  next to the comments where you can share.

When you click on an article on the top right corner click on the three dots and you can report a post.

You can go to the newsfeed for the condition and filter out Febo Talks or you can visit their profile.

Once you start following a disease you will automatically follow every KOL and influencer. In addition, on the info box for every disease you can scroll down to the Users part and find all KOL and influencers.


To become verified on Febo you must receive an invitation to join as a KOL or ambassador. If you have made significant contributions to the field or community, you can send a request on the Feedback page and you should receive a response in 2-3 business days. Once verified you will have a green check  next to your username.

Being verified on Febo means you have been identified as a KOL or an influencer for that condition.

Click on the profile icon and click on the pencil to update profile. Here you can update profile picture, username, bio, country and date of birth.

No, only if you are an influencer or KOL can everyone can see your interests, but not even then your followers.

All profiles are private except for KOL’s and influencers.

Go to your profile page and click on Advice on the + button and this will give you the option to add advice.

Yes, advices are public however when published it only displays your username.

Click on your profile and click on Edit profile. Here you are given the option to update to a new password.

Yes, if you go to Edit Profile you can change your username.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research studies performed on humans to help evaluate a new medical treatment, drug or device. The main purpose of a clinical trial is to discover new and improved methods for treating and preventing diseases.


Go to the Clinical Trials tab and you can filter based on your condition of interest.

The FDA works to keep participants safe by making sure volunteers have reliable information before making a decision.

You can request more info on specific trials and a team of specialists will reach out to discuss the trial and answer questions you might have regarding the trial.

Chronic Condition Management Platform

The CCMP is a Febo feature that gives you the opportunity to manage your condition on our platform. With our CCMP you can integrate your wearable device and track your steps, calories, sleeping cycle and set pill reminders.

Currently you can integrate your Apple Watch and Fitbit to our app.

The CCMP can help you manage your condition on our app and at the same time you can send personalized reports to your doctor.

No, the CCMP tracks your info and this information is only available to you and your doctor (if you decide to share the information with your doctor).

On the CCMP (icon on Febo) just press on the Track it button and it automatically connected your wearable device.


If you would like to send feedback to us, please click on any of the following links. We appreciate feedback!

  • I would like to add a condition to the interest list.
  • I want to contribute with news sources.
  • I would like to be a Key Opinion Leader.
  • I found a bug on the app.
  • Other

Where can I find Febo's Terms & Conditions?

You can read our Terms & Conditions by clicking this link:

Where can I find Febo's Privacy Policy?

You can read our Privacy Policy by clicking this link: