Health Info

One of the most important pieces of health information for chronic condition patients to be cautious of is one’s Body Mass Index (BMI). The formula to determine BMI is: BMI = kg/m2.

According to a study conducted by BMC Public Health and published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, prevalence of chronic disease generally increased with increasing BMI1. It is crucial for chronic condition patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle, ensuring that complications from their condition are minimized. With so many other health info considerations to track, patients shouldn’t need to go through the trouble of calculating their BMI on a daily basis.

Solution? Febo’s ToolBox includes a Heath Info log. This feature provides users with the ability to store their height and weight and automatically calculate their Body Mass Index for them, in real time.

Update height and weight stats, and as metrics progress users can determine whether they’re underweight, healthy or overweight. Manage your condition. Empower your health with Febo’s Health Info tool.

Kearns, Karen, et al. “Chronic Disease Burden Associated with Overweight and Obesity in Ireland: the Effects of a Small BMI Reduction at Population Level.” BMC Public Health, BioMed Central, National Center for Biotechnology Information, 10 Feb. 2014,

Health Information