Empower your health

Febo is your comprehensive health toolbox, letting you manage your condition, track your intakes, find medical news and even source relevant clinical trials.​

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Valuable Resources at your Fingertips​

Manage your chronic condition with Febo and gain access to validated, specialized material including:

  • Medical Articles
  • How-to Videos
  • Personalized Insights
  • Social Matching
  • Exclusive Clinical Trials

Our Health ToolBox

Food DIary

Food Diary

Scan your intakes to track your nutrition and habits​

Property 1=Activity

Activity Chart

Sync with your apps and devices to track your activity levels

Property 1=Health Info

Health Stats

Track your vital signs like blood pressure, your pulse, and more for long-term insights

Property 1=Trigger Diary

Symptom Journal

Chart incidents to discover patterns based on your health and intake history.

Property 1=Medicine Reminder

Medicine Tracker

Add your medicine to set reminders, chart intakes, see potential side-effects and more.

Property 1=Pee and Poo Diary

Bathroom Diary

Track your outputs to generate medical reports based on your health.​

Property 1=Sleep Diary

Sleep Chart

Check out sleep-specific information for a better night’s sleep and a better day to come

Property 1=Goals And Achievements

Goals & Achievements

Stay on track and get recognized for your progress and successes in managing your health. 


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How can I empower my journey

  • Search for a condition of your interest
  • Filter the categories to customize your content
  • Navigate through Febo

Peek Inside the App

Febo is an online platform designed to empower a patient to better manage their medical journey. Febo’s Health Toolbox allows users to track their data and stay updated on their condition with everything from new medication insights to available clinical trials in their area.

Febo works by using your provided information to deliver relevant medical news for your condition along with customized insights based on your data.

Using Febo is easy; just download the app on the Apple or Google Play store and get started with our guided user experience.

Peek Inside the App

Febo is a mobile platform that keeps you updated on the newest technologies and developments of the medical industry. Febo aims to empower all patients by creating a news healthcare platform that includes medical advances, findings, clinical research information, and more.

Febo’s mission is to empower patients via a digital platform and give them the necessary resources to be in control of their condition.

  1. Download the app
  2. Create a user
  3. Follow your interests
  4. Start empowering your medical journey



Finally!!! A place where I can find all of the medical info, I need in one place.
Febo | Empowering Your Health

James Harris

I don’t need to keep researching about my dad’s condition, this app sends me notifications when there’s a new development or clinical trial. Life saver!
Febo | Empowering Your Health

Sophia Gonzalez

Great for being updated! I started using Febo a month ago and it is great for keeping me updated on recent developments. I would definitely recommend it!
Febo | Empowering Your Health

Sara Davis

Using Febo has been an amazing experience, I like the fact that the app has a bunch of features. On top of that, the medicine reminder helps me to be updated with the latest news of my condition.
Febo | Empowering Your Health

John Garcia

Manage your health. Improve your life.​

Taking care of your chronic health conditions can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, Febo provides reminders, insights and the resources you need to better manage your wellness.

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Download Febo Today

Febo features research advancements, medical news, video, pill reminder and wearables integration. Empower your medical journey.
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